Office Space Full of Opportunity

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

One of the incredible things that sets the Downtown Business Centre apart from other co-share spaces are the networking opportunities that arise from basing your business out of a building that provides such a community atmosphere. We pride ourselves on being the framework that provides support, structure, and a home for our local, growing businesses. If you’re thinking of coming to join our happy family, here are a few reasons why moving into the Downtown Business Centre is beneficial to your business.

The benefits of having so many like-minded businesses under one roof are endless. From tenants giving each other client referrals by the water cooler, to having someone walk down the hall and spot the signage on your door, to having the same style business pass on clients that they’re too busy to take on at the minute to a DBC colleague… the networking opportunities go on and on.

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Or, similarly, having the chance to spread the word of your business with complementary businesses. For example, the Midwifery tells their clients about the RMT in the building that specializes in pre-natal massages, and the RMT passes their clients on to the acupuncturist down the hall. Growing your business client by client couldn’t be easier anywhere else than here at the Downtown Business Centre.

There is also the wonderful opportunity of simply getting to know the people in your building. Once a month, the DBC hosts an office lunch – usually pizza – for the entire building. Those who are able to attend get the chance to chat and mingle with each other, and see what each business is all about! The lunch is by donation, and the proceeds go towards a different charity each month. Beneficial for both you, your business, and the community!

To hear about more of the benefits of having an office here at the Downtown Business Centre, contact us by phone or email.